Traditional kerala house with contemporary mix with spacious interiors at Chalakkudi

This 3 BHK 2 story house construction at Karukutty, Chalakkudi for Mr. Hormis and family. This spacious interior design is done with premium quality materials with wooden finsh false sealing. Cupboards and furniture are done with teak wood and Anjili(wild jack). This house in Kerala is constructed in 90 cent plots covered with Jathi(Nutmeg) farm, and courtyard landscaping done with defined fencing. The modular kitchen made of 710 grade plywood in front of this we have used natural cladding stone This House has 2400 sqft area, and we have done suitable landscaping. The Wooden finish floor tiles used gives the house a distinctive look.

This House construction features
  • Spacious rooms plan
  • Natural stone cladding
  • Full Flat Roof
  • Landscaping
  • modular kitchen
  • Prayer room
  • Wooden tiles finished floors
  • Bar Counter
  • Roof Garden
  • Open Terrace
  • gypsum false ceiling with wooden design
  • Airy, Light and Cool interiors
  • Wooden finsih Tv Unit
  • Saved the amount of plumbing materials used
  • Vasthu based house
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