Know the important role played by land surveyors

Surveying is the process that a land is surveyed before the beginning of a construction project. A professional in charge of land surveying is called a land surveyor. The process involves determining the three dimensional position of distances and points and the angles between them. Civil engineering is the branch if engineering that involves the process of surveying. The surveyor uses different instruments like a measuring field book, surveying instruments, and various surveying software. The objective of land surveying is to map, create legal boundaries in the fields of building, construction and land ownership. The concepts of geometry, trigonometry, engineering, mathematics and physics are predominantly used in the process of land surveying. We have the best professionals for surveying .

The Job of a surveyor

The job of a construction surveyor involves the judging of whether the buildings are adhering to the safety norms and laws, and if it is being constructed in the correct place. A quantity surveyor maintains a close eye on the prices involved in a construction project. A marine surveyor maintains inspections on ships. A mine surveyor is a person who judges and maps the position of underground mines .For example gold or coal mines. A hydrographic surveyor measure water bodies like rivers, lakes and seas.

The origins of surveying

The origins of surveying date back to the times of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The concept of simple geometry was used to correct the damages to the boundaries that were destroyed when the Nile River overflowed. The process of mapping was used then and it is used now still as an effective tool to create a strong foundation for buildings.

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