Note down the Process of registration for Construction companies

A company must get a certificate of approval before starting a construction project. This license requires a registration to be completed by the company before starting. This is the mandatory requirement for a construction company to follow as instructed by the state law. The people who are required to register are any individual or a business that engages in comer or residential construction businesses. We provide expert advice on the registration process.

Registration process

The regulation for construction projects mandates that the contractors notify and register with the Ministry of labour before starting the construction process of any kind. The process of registering is a long drawn process. One should sign and submit the original form to the ministry in charge of labor. . The signed form should be sent by fax to the registrar’s office. The registration can be carried out in the sub registrar’s office. After the registration, the signed form must be placed at a conspicuous place at the construction site for review by the inspector. The rules dictate that as long as the project is going on the signed form must be placed at the site of construction according to the ministry of labor.

The governmental regulations

The government is making it imperative for the construction companies to register before starting a project. The reasons for registration are varied. It is too see that safety norms are adhered to, regulations dictated by the ministry are followed and rules designed for proper construction practices are adhered to. Infrastructural improvements are being given top priority by the government to improve the entire scene of construction businesses in the country.

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