Reasons to take legal advice in the business of construction

In the process of constructing a building, a person may casually cut corners when it comes to legal formalities. It is however not advisable to do so as legal provisions are beneficial for the future. Though legal formalities can prove to be expensive, it is always better to pay legal fees and gain a valid contract. We provide expert legal information .

Common mistakes made during legal procedures

Some common mistakes that the client makes is getting the name of the entity wrong. A small mistake like a comma or a full stop before the ‘INC ‘or ‘Ltd’ can create a serious problem. Another mistake that might occur is when the signature of both the parties is not present. Commonly, a purchase order or a change order is issued where the signature of either one of the parties is not present. When this dispute happens, the non-signing party may argue that the signature was never made. A proper signing authority should be made to sign the document. Sometimes, even if both parties sign the document and one of the authorities signing the document is insignificant the whole agreement becomes void.

Legal laws involving construction

The workplace hazardous materials information system (1990, reg 860 ) , The occupational health and safety act , the regulation of Construction projects (reg 213/91 ) are important legal laws that have to be followed while embarking on the construction business process. Clause 14 of the regulation for construction projects act sate that a competent person shall be responsible to inspect and perform tests, and observations necessary for detecting hazardous work environment for workers.

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