There is a distinct difference between the design and construction process. Though both the systems are different they are closely linked. The design process in which a new facility is created. The design process consists of a new facility, which is represented by detailed plans and processes. The construction planning is a process that includes the identification of resources and activities that are required to make a design into a physical reality. Construction involves the engineers and architects who envision the concept. The construction process involves multiple operating tasks that have to be performed with immense skill.

Features of construction

  • There are certain features that are unique to the construction process:
  • Every facility is different in its own way and requires a brand new design and concept every time. It is a common known fact that the construction business takes a long time to finish
  • Every site is peculiar in nature and the construction designs and patterns must comply with the unique site designs.
        Locational factors, weather factors, natural factors, and labor supply are common determinants that influence the building project as each site is specific.

Phases of construction

There are multiple phases to a construction process. These are pre construction, construction, and framing, interior to exterior work completion and near completion process. The whole process takes a minimum of 15 to 16 weeks to complete. The construction phase is the most vital phase as it involves the preparing of the land and removal of the topsoil. This is when the foundation walls are erected and the entire house is staked. We are experts at completing the construction process in the quickest time amongst all other companies.

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