The following is a compilation of the documents required to obtain a building number for unauthorized or deviated construction within the limits of Cochin Corporation and potentially applicable to other districts in Kerala as well.

Upon submission of the aforementioned documents, they will be thoroughly examined and verified by authorized personnel. Once verified, an Acknowledgement number will be issued. Typically, the overall process may take approximately one and a half to two months before the building number is officially issued.
  • Copy of Land Deed /Ownership document/ Title deed
  • Copy of Latest Tax Receipt
  • Copy of Possession Certificate
  • Copy of BTR certificate (Basic Tax Register - from Revenue Department)
  • Attested copy of land survey sketch from the revenue department.
  • Time-stamped photographs of the unauthorised buildings applied for regularization under these rules (minimum of 4 numbers from all four sides showing all external details of development) which is to be attested by the owner and the licensee.
  • Proof of qualifications of the structural engineer who has issued the structural stability certificate.
  • Copy of approved plan and permit.
  • Copy of Aadhar card of the applicant.
  • Passport size photo of the applicant ( 5 copies)
  • Copy of Structural certificate from the structural engineer.
  • Copy of any cases pending before or direction, judgement etc. by courts, tribunal, Ombudsman etc.
  • Copies of any Government orders, circulars, any form of communication against the plot/land/ building etc.
  • Copy of Fair value certificate.
  • It is advised to create five sets of copies for all the aforementioned documents, ensuring that there are five copies of each document. The specific procedures for obtaining a Building permit are determined by the respective local governing bodies. Therefore, for additional clarification, it is recommended to directly contact your local certification body, such as the Panchayath, Municipality, Corporation, or other relevant authorities.

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