At our construction company, we firmly hold the belief that good design and exceptional style are innate and cannot be taught.

We are driven by a passion for curating interiors that are not only visually pleasing but also evoke excitement and surprise. We excel at seamlessly integrating the smallest of details to craft spaces that leave a lasting impression on all who experience them.

At Opzet Homes, our team of Interior Design architects possesses a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. This extensive experience has allowed us to create well-designed and stylish interiors for our clients, forming the foundation of long-lasting working relationships. Whether your project involves a luxurious residential property or a commercial interior or development, we offer comprehensive design schemes tailored to suit your specific needs. From the initial concept stage to project completion, our meticulous attention to detail consistently delivers highly successful interiors for our clients. In addition to our skilled Interior Design architects, we collaborate with a team of consultants, including Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Services Engineers. This collaborative approach enables us to cover various areas such as Architecture, Interior Architecture, Renovation, and Adaptive reuse across a wide range of projects, including Residential, Commercial, Educational, Healthcare, and more.

  • Interior Design Services
  • Interior Space planning
  • Specialist Interior Design Concepts: ( Bathrooms Kitchens, Cinemas, Pools & Spas, Living spaces )
  • Electrical and 'small services' design
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Art Work and Framing Consultancy
  • Interior Furniture selection, accessories & Drapery Curtains
  • Turn-Key Interior Design Service
  • Project Design Management
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Land Survey
  • Civil Construction works

  • If you have ever deemed such skills as excessively costly or unnecessary, it is essential to bear in mind that investing in good design can grant you the home of your dreams. Not only does it leave a lasting impression on others, but it can also prove to be a lucrative investment by significantly enhancing the value and allure of your property.

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