When considering safety and appearance, handrails are essential in both residential and commercial environments.

They serve as a vital component, providing stability and improving the overall visual attractiveness of a space. Over time, PVD-coated steel has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing of handrails. This technology, known as Physical Vapor Deposition, offers a long-lasting and visually pleasing solution. KJA & Sons, a leading supplier and installer of these exceptionally durable handrails, have made significant advancements in the industry through their expertise and unwavering dedication to quality.

The Power of PVD Coated Steel:

The process of PVD coating is an advanced method wherein a thin layer of metal is deposited onto a base material, such as stainless steel. This technique significantly improves the strength and durability of the material, providing excellent resistance against corrosion, scratches, and wear.


PVD-coated steel handrails offer remarkable durability as one of their primary benefits. The application of PVD coating forms a protective barrier that effectively prevents corrosion and safeguards the underlying steel against various environmental elements, including moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation. This outstanding corrosion resistance substantially prolongs the lifespan of the handrails, making them a highly valuable investment suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Apart from their outstanding durability, PVD-coated steel handrails also provide extensive aesthetic options. Through the PVD process, it becomes possible to deposit a diverse range of metallic colors and finishes onto the handrails, such as stainless steel, gold, rose gold, bronze, and black, among others.

Low Maintenance:

Handrails that experience frequent usage are susceptible to damage over time. Nevertheless, the utilization of PVD-coated steel handrails significantly minimizes the necessity for extensive maintenance. The protective coating serves as a shield, effectively preventing scratches and stains, thereby ensuring that the handrails maintain their pristine appearance for an extended period. This low-maintenance characteristic proves especially beneficial in high-traffic areas, where constant cleaning and upkeep would otherwise be necessary.

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