Maintenance of your home

Our home serves as a sanctuary of tranquility and serenity, providing a place for us to escape the challenges of life and find solace.

It is a sacred space that encompasses the dreams, aspirations, and plans of a family unit, including spouses, children, and parents. Many people invest significant resources in constructing their dream homes, enlisting the expertise of architects, engineers, contractors, and laborers. However, once the construction is complete and they begin living in it, a common issue arises: the inability to maintain the home effectively. In a short period, the new house can deteriorate, wasting the hard-earned money invested. Negligence and carelessness are major contributing factors to this unfortunate situation. However, if we allocate some time and effort, we can overcome this dilemma and keep our homes in pristine condition. This not only ensures a clean and well-maintained house but also offers a refreshing and energizing environment to return to after a tiring day's work. Here are some essential points to consider for effectively maintaining your home.

Interior cleaning

The interior of a house is the most frequently used area, and therefore, it is inevitable that dust and dirt will accumulate over time. With people coming in from work, children returning from school, and various household activities, it's important to address this issue. In addition to dust and dirt, various items, both necessary and unnecessary, tend to clutter the shelves and surfaces. To start the cleaning process, it is advisable to clean the shelves before moving on to the walls. Vacuum cleaning proves effective for items such as sofas, window blinds, screens, and carpets, and it should be done at least once a week to maintain tidiness. Mopping the floor and dusting the windows, doors, and chimneys are essential to eliminate dust particles. Thoroughly clean the kitchen, including kitchen tops and cabinets, as maintaining high levels of hygiene is crucial in this area. It is important to avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside the house, for which a shoe rack can be installed at the entrance or sit-out area.

Room maintenance

Developing a routine of regular and thorough room cleaning, either on a daily basis or at least every two days, is highly recommended. Organizing belongings in a systematic manner and storing unwanted items in separate containers can greatly assist in maintaining cleanliness. It is also important to periodically dispose of unnecessary items. Incorporating hidden storage spaces within the rooms becomes essential to ensure that these items are neatly tucked away and not visible to the eye.

Appliances maintenance

Regularly conducting inspections of appliances, including entertainment and kitchen appliances, security systems, heating, cooling, and solar systems, is crucial to ensure their optimal functionality. It is important to also frequently check the electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the seals and insulation around doors and windows. Taking preventive measures such as pest control and drainage cleaning contributes to maintaining a clean and hygienic home environment. It is advisable to have a contact list of reliable electrical and plumbing technicians readily available in case of any unforeseen emergencies or repairs.

Children and pets

Establish firm but affectionate guidelines for children, emphasizing the importance of keeping their belongings organized, refraining from drawing on walls, eating meals at designated times and locations, and similar expectations. Similarly, provide training to pets, teaching them not to dig in the lawn, avoid damaging plants, refrain from scratching walls and furniture, and other appropriate behaviors.


As the central hub of the house, it is essential to maintain the beauty of the bedroom. Simply by making the bed in the morning, you can instantly create a polished and neat look. Ensure that nightstands, wardrobes, and shelves are organized and free of clutter. Keep used clothes in the closet and utilize a laundry bag to separate clothes that need to be washed. Regularly ventilate the room to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.


Maintaining regular cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom is essential. It is important to clean the bathtub, sink, shower pipes, wash basin, closets, mirror, and other fixtures regularly. Additionally, pay close attention to thoroughly clean the floor tiles, ensuring they are free from dirt and grime. It is crucial to keep an eye out for any signs of leakage that may occur in the bathroom, addressing them promptly to prevent further damage.


The kitchen holds a significant role within the household, making tidiness a vital aspect. It is important to promptly wash dishes after use and maintain a clean sink. Keeping kitchen cabinets and countertops tidy, as well as organizing kitchenware and other items in an orderly manner, contributes to a well-kept kitchen. It is advisable to periodically clean the refrigerator and regularly maintain other kitchen appliances. To enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of our interiors, the use of air fresheners can provide a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere. Incorporating potted plants and artistic artifacts further elevates the visual appeal, adding a touch of beauty and tranquility to the space. These enhancements have the potential to improve the overall mood and energy of both the interiors and its inhabitants.


The first impression visitors have of your home is its exterior, emphasizing the importance of maintaining its cleanliness, tidiness, and beauty. Cultivating a well-maintained garden is key. Ensure the lawn is properly tended to and regularly trimmed. Remove dry, dead plants and weeds from the yard. Erect fencing walls around shrubs to prevent moisture-related issues. Planting vegetation within the compound provides shade, a cooling effect inside the house, and a play area for children. In addition, regularly inspect the drainage system and address any issues. If there are damages to the roofs, trusses, shingles, etc., they should be promptly repaired. It is important to change the water in ponds and clear any waste. Keep the backyard clean by removing fallen leaves. Periodically check the condition of garage doors. Constructing and owning a house is a demanding task, and without proper maintenance, it can quickly deteriorate, resulting in a significant financial loss. By dedicating just 20 minutes each day to home maintenance tasks, your house will continue to shine like new even after 30 years, exuding energy and elegance.

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