Whitewash and Putty Finish

Whitewash and Putty Finish

White wash revitalizes the luster and texture of walls in the house. The white color makes the room looks large and maximizes the absorption of the heat. It reduces the odors and provides sanitary conditions in the barns, diaries, poultry houses, stables, kennels or some similar buildings. We gives you the ideas on surface preparation, mixing solutions and the application method of whitewash.

Whitewash can also be applied on the brick, plaster, cement concrete surfaces and the woods.

Putty should be used for the small roughness in walls since it does not require any curing. Cement mortar should be also used for the big depressions.

Benefits of white wash paint

  • White wash paint kills germs as it is alkaline in nature.
  • It acts as a primer for the dry distemper.
  • The white wash brightens walls as the light is reflected from the white surface.
  • It absorbs heat and maximizes the space giving matchless whiteness.
  • Do white washing on the new construction after six months of the completion of wall plaster.
  • It protect doors, floors, windows, furniture etc. and other parts of building from the splashes.
  • Remember to remove splashes and droppings immediately after doing whitewash. Use a cloth (Dhoti) for cleaning the painting work.
  • The whitewash on roof tiles prevents absorption of heat in the hot climate reason.
  • Apply white wash on the stems of trees to protect them from the frost damage.

Our White Wash with Primer and Insulation is an in-expensive and the long lasting solution to give a new and fresh look of your home. It can be used on the exterior as well as interior surface of the building..