Lintel are used to construct your building

A lintel is the horizontal supporter which is placed around the opening to support the portion of the construction. The purpose of the lintel is just like a beam or an arch. However, the lintels are simple and easy to build the constructions like a beam or an arch. The special centering or formation is required. Moreover, the arches are suitable for more span, loads are heavy and strong supports are available.

The end of the lintels are built into the masonry. The load carried by the lintels are transferred by the masonry in jambs. Now, the lintels of R.C.C are used widely to span the openings for windows, doors etc. in the structure. 

Materials used for lintels

The materials which are commonly used in the construction of lintels are as follows:

1. Timber or wood lintels – These lintels are consist of of piece of timber which are placed across the opening. The oldest types of lintels are timber lintels that are now obsolete except in hilly areas or places where you can get the timber easily.

2.   Stone lintels- Consist of stones or slabs where you can place it through the openings. The formation of stone lintels are made up of a single or more than one piece. Generally the stone lintels are not favored due to the following causes: The resistance of the stone lintel is low. Therefore the relieving arches are to be given when the span exceeds. Otherwise the depth of the stone lintel is considering. The depth of stone lintel should be at least one mm per ten mm length of the opening.

3.   Generally bricks lintels are consist of bricks which are placed on one end. The bricks should be burnt well, copper in color. It is free from cracks with sharp and square edges. The wood is temporary in support which is known as a turning piece. It is used to construct a brink lintel.Lintel