Key Handover

Get a complete package and throw a house warming party instantly

You must be looking for a contractor who will provide you the support from beginning till end of a building construction. Getting the key handed over to you with all things completed is what you need. This will include the paints, sanitary settings, electrical equipment settings and every other thing that you need to start living in a new apartment. If you are planning to invite your guest and friends in a house warming party, you will need a complete support regarding key handover. You can choose a licensed contractor for the purpose. However, a company and its support will be ideal in the case. They will give you a complete package, which will include the completion certificate of your home too.

What Key hand over actually means

Key hand over is often understood wrongly. There are many who understand it to have all the essential things in the home, like painting, electrical points. Key handover means many things more. It will essentially have the fittings and the sanitary features included. When you are handed over the key, you are going to get all the things to throw a house warming party. Getting a licensed contractor to get such is not a tough ask, but arranging licensed electrician and plumbers is definitely tough. A company holds all the licensed workers to provide you the support. You can get to us for the support too. We are having expert team to handle your project. You will get the key handed over to you and ready to throw a house warming party within your time limit.