Build your house with good basement

A house with the basement start with a hole of about depth of 8 feet. The concrete slab would be found at the bottom of the hole, and then concrete or cinder-block walls form the outer walls of the basement. Actually the basement is poured in three pieces like the wall, beam and the slab inside the walls.

Structure of reinforcing

This method help you to keep the basement waterproof. The L-shaped structure is the steel reinforcing bar to bind the wall and beam together. The basement construction build with solid, strong soils. The footings or the foundation must be placed on the solid ground which is known as undisturbed soil. Undisturbed soil is such soil which has been placed for many years.

Build with strong soil

The soil particles have become packed tightly. Undisturbed soil will not compact under the weight of the house. This is the reason when a basement is build up.

Bottom Line

The construction of the basement with the concrete block is quite natural. It will create a strong basement in most locales. Concrete block help you to build the basement strong. Moreover, concrete block, if it is reinforced, not yet appropriate for the areas whose soil is expensive. The soil will swells a lot when it will get shrinks and wet to dry up. The swelling of this soil will apply lateral pressure to your basement wall and cause the basement construction fail and crack. If this is your soil type, you will require reinforced concrete basement walls.